Size Chart - Leotards, Ballet Skirts

Bust 29"-32" 32"-34" 34"-36" 36"-38" 38"-40" 40"-42"
Waist 23"-25" 25"-28" 27"-29" 29"-31" 31"-33" 33"-35"
Hip 30"-34" 34"-38" 36"-40" 38"-42" 40"-44" 42"-46"
Girth 52"-56" 55"-58" 57"-62" 59"-64" 62"-66" 64"-68"

Size chart lists body measurements, as opposed to garment measurements when flat.

If you have a longer torso than the girth listed in your size for leotards, choose the Long Torso option that you fit in for bust/waist/hips. For example, if your bust/waist/hip fit in the Medium, but you have a girth of 63", choose Long Torso, and then select M Long. Adding full front or full front and back lining may add a little extra snugness to the  garment.

Use your waist and hip measurement for the ballet skirt size.

Directions on how to take your measurements can be found here. Feel free to submit any pertinent measurements in the Notes section at check out, and Proprio will cross check with the selected size prior to construction.

Not all bodies conform to size charts. If you have a question about sizing, please send a message.