About Propriowear


Propriowear was founded on the idea of creating a collaborative community where the customer is involved in the creative process and part of the artistic choices that go into each piece.

Propriowear is different than your average clothing brand. For starters, the company is a whopping team of one! Cara designs and hand makes all of your pieces, responds to inquiries, and manages the business side as well. Because everything is made-to-order, it allows the customer some creative freedom when choosing fabrics and styles as well as making their own customized decisions. Each garment is thought of as a piece of art and unique to the individuality of each customer. Clothing can often be an extension of oneself, and you know what you like best! Want something customized, but have a hard time deciding? You have the option of choosing "Surprise me" for certain items, and Cara will make the final call for you.

Another important element to Propriowear is the understanding that all bodies are different. For example, not everyone's legs or torsos are the same length within a size. Therefore, there are the added fit and style options, such as mid-rise or high-rise for leggings, torso length for leotards, and inseam length for bottoms. Comfort, practicality, and fabric softness are also key ingredients to the brand because you should be comfortable!

Propriowear keeps a very low stock of fabric on hand as a means of producing as little waste as possible, restocking only when necessary. There is also a Made from Scraps category, where many of the scraps can be turned into items like scrub caps, face masks, fabric samples, pet bows, etc.


Cara has an extensive background in the field of dance as an artist and educator--which means she has spent countless hours wearing dancewear and activewear and developed a lot of opinions along the way. Creation has been a large part her life in many ways, and Propriowear has given her another outlet for creating that can be shared with the community. Therefore, when designing the pieces and choosing fabrics, comfort, practicality, attention to detail, and the ability to add one's own personal creative spin are at the forefront of the process. Whether you're wearing the garments for a couple of hours or for the entire day, the goal is comfort, style, and durability wear after wear.


Meet Penelope! She is Cara's number one (and only) assistant. Don't worry, she isn't actually allowed to touch any of the products, but she is great for morale and for modeling the pet bow! This is also to say that the workshop is pet-friendly and something to keep in mind in terms of pet allergens.